Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

Wellcom to my portfolio . Am mans I am Mansour, a photographer from southern Egypt. Professional in video editing. And video editing with multiple cameras. I have 5 years of experience in the field of video and photography.

During the past 5 years, it completed nearly 2000 projects. Including 1,000 @masnoursaber wedding video montages. Approximately 450 videos documenting tourist trips. About 100 video clips. To have experience in correcting errors and lighting. color adjustment

Am photographer too . I have enough experience for 2 years . In widdings and events . No one can help you mor than me

Am hard worker and dont give up so easy . So if i have eny project . I tray hard to finish it with new thing i do . Itray hard to developey self everyday to be mor profetional . Because nuthing is impossible

  • If you are interest in my warks and would like me to serve you . Pls dont hesitate to contact me @masnoursaber
  • If you stell need some informations about me . Pls contact me @masnoursaber . I love to make new friends .

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